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Local producers

Why is consuming locally a real benefit? We all know it, choosing local producers is often the guarantee of products of quality and a more responsible consumption. 
Well aware of this fact, Brit Hotel created the label “Producteurs locaux” (local producers) a few years ago to promote this initiative in which many of our hotels take part. 
Several criteria must be respected to obtain the label:

- Products must come from a producer less than 150 kilometers away
- At least 5 local products must be served at breakfast
- At least 3 local products must be used by our restaurants

Using short food supply chains is a way to ensure that quality, solidarity and transparency are promoted by our network. It’s also a great way to shed light on the specificities of each hotel, its region and its culinary specialties.
When you choose local producers, you decide to consume ethically and put quality first. Your body and taste buds will thank you for sure!