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Labels and certifications

As our hoteliers are independent, you can find the labels and certifications of each hotel on their respective Brit Hotel websites.

• Qualité tourisme label
The French Ministry of tourism created the national brand “Qualité tourisme” to improve and guarantee the quality of service in the tourism industry. 
Under the same label, Qualité tourisme gathers various initiatives meant to satisfy you as a client and to make sure that you can trust the service that you’re choosing. 
Hospitality, quality of service, professionalism, reliability and safety are essential values to us. 
• HOTELcert®
This certification’s goal is to improve hotel services to satisfy clients more and more every day. It is paired up with an administrative ranking, with precise norms and rules to apply. 
HOTELcert’s frame of reference goes into detail about the quality of services guaranteed by the hotel to its clients, the organization of the hotel, and the entire process to guarantee that each hotel respects all of its commitments and creates a trustworthy relationship with its clients. 
• Tourism and handicap
The logo « Tourisme et handicap » that you can find on the websites of our hotels aims at guaranteeing that our equipment is adapted to people with a handicap.
Four pictograms each represent a type of disabilities (motor disability, visual impairment, blindness and deafness). This enables people to get more information on the level of accessibility to our hotels. 
• La Clef Verte 
La Clef Verte is a voluntary label given every year by a jury of independent people, following different criteria such as waste, energy and water management.