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CGU fidelity programm

General terms and conditions of use of the Brit Hotel loyalty card
(Valid from 4 April 2023)


Creation of the Oli account:
The Brit Hotel loyalty account can be created free of charge on request at any Brit Hotel or on our website: www.brithotel.fr by completing the registration form.
A valid email address is required to complete the registration. An Oli customer number will then be allocated, enabling you to benefit from the advantages of the programme.

Euros credited for overnight accommodation
Each validated night spent in a Brit Hotel establishment earns a minimum of €2.50 (incl. VAT) on the customer account.

Euros credited for restaurant meals
The Oli programme allows you to earn euros in certain restaurants in the Brit Hotel network. A percentage of the Oli cardholder's restaurant bill is credited by participating establishments. The loyalty reward rate is communicated directly to each participating outlet. Only meals eaten at lunchtime are eligible for this credit. This offer cannot be combined with an overnight accommodation credit.

List of participating establishments:

- Brit Hotel Orléans Antarès - Saint-Jean-de-Braye

Eligibility of euro credit for overnight accommodation:
Loyalty points will only be applicable to bookings made directly with the hotel by telephone or email, via the hotel's official website, via the www.brithotel.fr portal, and to the exclusion of any other booking agency or website.

Expiry of euros credited for overnight accommodation:
Each validated night entitles you to a minimum of €2.50 including tax, which must be used within a maximum period of 2 years.

6° Expiry of euros credited for restaurant meals:
Each credit validated for restaurant meals must be used within a maximum of 2 years. 

Your Brit Hotel loyalty account allows you to accumulate euros that can be used to pay for services throughout the Brit Hotel network or converted into Amazon gift vouchers*.

The Brit Hotels participating in the operation, as well as Brit Hotel Developpement, are exonerated from all liability for any direct or indirect consequences of any malfunctioning of the Brit Hotel loyalty account. They will nevertheless do everything in their power to ensure that the holder retains the benefit of his/her accumulated paid nights.

The information requested to create your loyalty account is for the exclusive use of Brit Hotel. In accordance with the French Data Protection Act n078-1 7 of 06 January 1978, you have the right to access and rectify any information concerning you.

10° The general conditions of this loyalty programme may be modified at any time. The conditions in force on the day of your purchase can be consulted on www.brithotel.fr or directly at the Brit Hotel establishments. The loyalty programme may be suspended or interrupted in whole or in part at any time by Brit Hotel.

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