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To know before you go in Saint-Brieuc !

Saint-Brieuc, located about 100 kilometres from Rennes and about 50 km from Dinard, is the capital of the Côtes d'Armor department.  With more than 166,000 inhabitants in its metropolitan area, it is the largest city on the Goëlo Coast.  

The Bay of Saint-Brieuc is relatively unknown, yet it’s worth a visit!  This is one of the tourist sites to visit in Brittany during a holiday with your family or friends.  While taking an invigorating walk, you can admire stunning and captivating landscapes! 

Now is the time to book your stay and visit Saint-Brieuc

Météo Saint-Brieuc


During your stay, wander the city streets and soak up the atmosphere.  Discover in particular the Tour de Cesson, a historical and archaeological site built in 1395, the Art and History Museum and the many churches around the c


The Bay of Saint-Brieuc offers an exceptional natural site.  The bay’s nature reserve offers amazing landscapes!  Stroll along the shore and enjoy all that nature has to offer!  Observe flora and fauna in their natural environment in this protected area.  Nearly 40,000 birds and over 100 species can be seen in this nature reserve. 

Other natural sites to discover include the Virgin’s Cove, Gouët Valley, Saint Bartholomew Lake, Plédran Forest and Bon Abri Dunes.  


Discover the Goëlo Coast and admire beautiful fishing harbours and charming seaside resorts.  You will also stumble across beautiful little churches during your walk. 

Enjoy the charm of this rugged coastline and admire the magnificent panoramic views !


Take advantage of your stay in Saint-Brieuc to enjoy all the activities available in the region.  Adventure Park, golf, bike riding and horse riding...  Everything is possible in the Côtes d'Armor! 

For a more culture-centred holiday, discover the archaeological heritage of the region with nearly 5,000 years of history retraced by monoliths, stone crosses and architectural remains.  

Treat yourself to fine food and taste regional specialities such as the Coquille Saint-Jacques (sea scallops) from the Bay. The Bay of Saint-Brieuc is the first sea scallop habitat in the country. 

To learn more about Saint-Brieuc and its region, visit the official website of the Tourist Office.


Tourist Office :

7 rue Saint Gouéno - 22000 SAINT-BRIEUC

Telephone : 33 (0)2 96 33 32 50

Hall Town :

1 pl. du Gal De Gaulle - 22000 SAINT-BRIEUC

Telephone : 33 (0)2 96 62 54 00

Hopital :

10 rue Marcel Proust - 22000 SAINT-BRIEUC

Telephone : 33 (0)2 96 01 71 23

Albert Camus Library :

35, rue Henri Becquerel - 22000 SAINT-BRIEUC

Telephone : 33(0)2 96 01 20 91

Art and History Museum :

Rue des Lycéens Martyrs - 22000 SAINT-BRIEUC

Telephone : 33(0)2 96 62 55 20

School Ernest Renan :

2-4 bd Hérault - 22000 SAINT-BRIEUC

Telephone : 33(0)2 96 77 22 22

Aquabaie :

Rue Pierre de Coubertin - 22000 SAINT-BRIEUC

Telephone : 33 (0)2 96 75 67 56



Guests staying at the Brit Hotel in  St Brieuc (Langueux) will be:
    22 km from Saint-Quay Portrieux
,     44 km from Loudeac
,     68 km from Lannion
,     99 km from Renn