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Your stay in Bourges

Book your stay at the Brit Hotel Olympia of Bourges!

With over 66.000 inhabitants, Bourges is Cher department’s most populated city. It is region Centre’s third most important city, right after Tours and Orléans. Bourges’ fame is greatly due to music festival “Printemps de Bourges”, highly appreciated by music amateurs for its eclecticism.

The Saint-Etienne Cathedral is a must-go historical site. Located right at the heart of Bourges, it was built in a remarkable gothic style, making it one of the most beautiful cathedrals in France.

Stay at our hotel in Bourges and wander through its lovely alleys, timber framing houses and fascinating monuments such as the Palais Jacques Coeur. Back in 1963, Bourges was the one of the first cities to welcome a Maison de la Culture, thanks to André Malraux and remained ever since, a true role-model in terms of culture. Many places like the museum of Decorative Arts, the Berry Museum, the Estève Museum and the Natural History Museum are worth a visit.

Whether you come to our Bourges hotel with your friends or family, countless activities are possible thanks to the city’s various sports and cultural venues: swimming, golfing, karting, bowling, going to the movie theatre

You’ll fall in love with nature as you go for a stroll in a charming swamp, only 10 minutes away from the center of the city. A great way to recharge your batteries, with over 135 hectares of gardens, surrounded by water canals and rivers. The perfect place to go for a walk or ride a bike! At the end of the day, enjoy the comfort of Brit hotel Olympia…

Book your room in Bourges and discover the many charms of Berry’s capital city.