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To know before you go in Rodez !

Located in the Aveyron department and in the Midi-Pyrénées region, Rodez is nowadays a vibrant and lively city which is considered to be a very pleasant place to visit.  

With about 83,000 inhabitants, Rodez is the sixth largest city in Midi-Pyrénées. 

With your family or friends, discover Rodez and its tourist attractions such as the cathedral, museums... 

Meteo Rodez


In Rodez, culture is expressed in its many forms.  Two museums welcome you, the Denys Puech Museum of Fine Arts and the Fenaille Museum. 

Several concert halls will also offer you entertainment, including the Amphithéâtre concert hall. 
Rodez is also a city of festivals, such as the Estivada Festival an Occitan culture display. 


Upon arrival in Rodez, you will be guided by the Notre-Dame Cathedral and its bell tower.  Discover this architectural jewel whose construction was completed in the 16th century. 

Wander the streets of Rodez, which have managed to keep their old-worldly charm and offer you a leap into the past! Rodez is also a land of horses, with one of the most beautiful national stud farms in France.  Spread over six hectares, the stud farm offers for instance a discovery of the different horse breeds and the opportunity to attend several demonstrations.  


During your stay in Rodez, the city will offer you plenty of activities to keep you busy.  Cycling, hiking, horse riding, quad biking, golf...  Everything is provided to entertain you during your holiday! To learn more about Rodez and its region, please visit the official website of the Tourist Office. 

Haras National (National stud farm): Rue Eugène Loup - 12000 RODEZ
Telephone: 05 65 73 84 03


Tourist Office :

24 bd Denys Puech - 12000 RODEZ

Telephone : 05 65 75 76 77

Hall Town :

Place Eugène Raynaldy - 12000 RODEZ

Telephone : 05 65 77 88 00

Hopital :

Rue Combarel - 12000 RODEZ

Telephone : 05 65 55 12 12

Library :

7 rue Camille Douls - 12000 RODEZ

Telephone : 05 65 77 89 10

Fenaille Museum :

14, place Eugène Raynaldy - 12000 RODEZ

Telephone : 05 65 73 84 30

Denys Puech Museum :

Place Georges Clémenceau - 12000 RODEZ

Telephone : 05 65 77 89 60

Haras National :

Rue Eugène Loup - 12000 RODEZ

Telephone : 05 65 73 84 03