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To know before you go in Dax !


Dax welcomes you for an unforgettable stay!  Thanks to Brit Hotel, discover the charms of this city located in the Landes department.
Throughout the year, embark on a trip to Dax as a couple or with friends.  It is also the ideal place for a seminar or a business trip! 

With over 60,000 inhabitants, Dax is one of the largest cities in the Landes department.  The city has been a spa town since ancient times and strives to be a dynamic city, resolutely looking towards the future

Meteo Dax


As the capital of water-therapy in France, Dax invites visitors to rejuvenate their body and their mind.  Every year, spa visitors come from all over France to recharge their batteries!  Phlebology, Rheumatology, fibromyalgia...  Everything can be healed in Dax!  And to help spa-goers achieve physical fitness and well-being, Dax has established "Nature et Santé" trails near the spa establishments. 
More than 52,000 spa visitors come to Dax every year !



Dax is also a city of history, as evidenced by its heritage.  The three major historical monuments in the city are the Cathedral, the “Fontaine Chaude” (a fountain fed with water from the hot springs) and the ramparts (city walls). 

Visitors marvel at the Gothic style Notre-Dame Cathedral built in the 13th century. It has been listed as a Historical Monument since 1946. 

The “Fontaine Chaude”, located in Dax city centre, is the city’s symbol of water-therapy and of its Gallo-Roman heritage.  It is famous for the virtues of its water, with a temperature of around 60°C! 


Dax also means a wealth of cultural events.  During your stay in Landes, discover the traditional and festive true spirit of the South-West of France. 

The Férias are without a doubt the best representation of tradition in Dax.  The festivities take place in August every year and fill the city with music, singing, bodegas and folklore. 

Bullfights, Landes races and “Pelote Basque” are also symbols of Dax's popular culture. So enjoy your stay in a hotel in Dax to soak up all the treasures of this region.



11 cours Foch - 40104 DAX CEDEX

Téléphone : 33 (0)5 58 56 86 86

City Hall :

Rue Saint-Pierre - 40107 DAX CEDEX

Téléphone : 33 (0)5 58 56 80 00

Hospital :

Bd Yves du Manoir - 40100 DAX

Téléphone : 05 58 91 48 48

Public Librairy :

5, rue du Palais - 40100 DAX

Téléphone : 05 58 74 72 89

Borda HighSchool :

7, avenue Paul Doumer - 40100 DAX

Téléphone : 05 58 58 12 34

St Jacques de Compostelle Highschool:

32 rue Paul Lahargou - 40100 DAX

Téléphone : 05 58 56 30 50

Parties association (Atrium)

Cours Foch - 40100 DAX

Téléphone : 05 58 909 909


Tourist information :



You want to go for a trip to Dax? Looking for a hotel in Dax? Or you want a cure in Dax? Choose Brit Hotel and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the Landes!

Guests staying at the Brit Hotel in Dax will be:
30 km east of the Atlantic Coast
54 km from Bayonne