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To know before you go in Saint-Nazaire !

Located one hour from Nantes, the city of Saint-Nazaire is not known as a tourist destination.  And yet, it has undeniable attractions!

With 67,000 inhabitants, Saint-Nazaire is the second largest city of the Loire-Atlantique department and the fourth largest city in the Pays de la Loire region. 

Discover Saint-Nazaire with your family or friends and enjoy all the charms of a dynamic and vibrant maritime city

Météo Saint-Nazaire

A maritime city

Saint-Nazaire is linked first and foremost to the sea.  Located on the Atlantic coast, the city is a well-known port.  Discover a charming city with a lively maritime culture. 

Take a leisurely stroll along the waterfront with your family or as a couple.  Saint-Nazaire enjoys mild temperatures all year round.

To learn more about the sea and its secrets, visit the Maritime Museum.  Discover here all the rich maritime culture, including many boat scale mod

A coastline to discover

The coast of Saint-Nazaire offers many little-known sightseeing opportunities.  Many creeks, cliffs and rocky headlands along the coastline of Saint-Nazaire invite everybody not only to explore but also to relax.  

Discover a well-preserved coastline where development goes hand in hand with environmental protectio

A green city

Saint-Nazaire also strives to be a "green city" with public gardens, parks and many private gardens.  One third of the city area is considered "green". 

Incidentally, Saint-Nazaire is one of the few cities to have received a visit from Tintin the famous reporter!  Indeed, the action of the album "The 7 Crystal Balls" takes place mainly in the city of Saint-Nazaire

Shipyards and Airbus

Saint-Nazaire is also famous for its “Chantiers de l'Atlantique” shipyards.  This is one of the largest shipyards in Europe.   

Airbus is also present near the city of Saint-Nazaire with a major production facilit


Tourist Office :

Bd de la Légion d'Honneur - 44600 ST-NAZAIRE

Telephone : 02 40 22 40 65

Town Hall :

Place François Blancho - 44600 ST-NAZAIRE

Telephone : 02 40 00 40 00

Hopital :

11, bd Charpak - 44600 ST-NAZAIRE

Telephone : 02 72 27 80 00

Anne Frank Library :

51, rue Emile Broodcoorens - 44600 ST-NAZAIRE

Telephone : 02 40 53 05 77

Sea Museum :

Place Bougainville - 44600 ST-BREVIN-LES-PINS

Telephone : 02 40 27 00 64

Escal'Atlantic :

Base sous-marine de 1943 - 44600 ST-NAZAIRE

Telephone : 0 810 88 84 44

Airbus :

Rue aviation - 44340 BOUGUENAIS

Telephone : 02 51 19 70 00




Guests staying at the Brit Hotel in St Nazaire will be:

 65 km from the Brit Hotels in Nantes