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To know before you go in Saint-Malo !

A famous and much visited seaside resort, Saint-Malo is a must-see tourist attraction in Brittany.  

Located in the Ille-et-Vilaine department, the city of Saint-Malo offers great opportunities for walks and discovery.  Including the suburbs, the Corsair City has nearly 82,000 inhabitants (nearly 200,000 in summer). 

So discover this city of infinite charm!  Enjoy its rich maritime culture and its architectural gems, with family or frien

Météo Saint-Malo


One of Brittany’s highlights, Saint-Malo amazes by the beauty of its architecture including its grand 20th century villas. 

The inner city, surrounded by massive walls, is a must.  Stroll through its narrow streets, enjoy its many quaint shops and enjoy the rich Brittany culture! 

Don’t forget to visit Saint-Vincent Cathedral and old Saint-Malo. Visitors keen on history should go visit Saint-Malo's City History Museum and the Second World War Memorial. 


Due to its location, Saint-Malo is clearly marked by a rich maritime history.  The privateer city has a commercial port and a marina. 

It wasn’t until the 16th century that Saint-Malo began its rapid development thanks to its fishing port which became the starting point of many expeditions, such as Jacques Cartier’s expedition in 1534. 

Today, all 29 kilometres of coastline in Saint-Malo offer its visitors many opportunities for water spor


During your stay in Saint-Malo, the city will offer you plenty of activities to keep you busy.  Indulge in the joys of golfing, boating or swimming by going to the Olympic pool in Saint-Malo.

Saint-Malo also abounds with cultural activities and hosts two renowned festivals including “La Route du Rock” and “Quai des Bulles”.  The first one is a music festival taking place in August and the second one is the comic book festival which takes place in October. 

For an unforgettable time with your family, go to Saint-Malo’s Grand Aquarium to look at sharks, giant turtles and other clownfish! 
In Saint-Malo, a night out is an invitation to explore, with many bars and restaurants located throughout the city! 

You can also embark on “Le Petit Train”, an original way to discover the corsair city...



Tourist Office :

Esplanade Saint-Vincent - 35400 SAINT MALO

Telephone : 33 (0)825 13 52 00

Town Hall :

Place Chateaubriand - 35418 SAINT MALO

Telephone : 33 (0)2 99 40 71 11

Hospital :

1 rue de la Marne - 35400 SAINT MALO

Telephone : 33(0)2 99 21 21 21

Library :

31, rue des 6 frères Ruellan - 35400 SAINT-MALO

Telephone : 33(0)2 99 40 48 78

National Fortress :

Face au château - 35400 SAINT-MALO

Telephone : 33(0)6 72 46 66 26

City History Museum :

Esplanade Félicité Lammenais - 35400 SAINT-MALO

Telephone : 33(0)2 99 40 71 57

Aquarium :

Av. du Général Patton - 35400 SAINT-MALO

Telephone : 33(0)2 99 21 19 00



Guests staying at the Brit Hotels in Saint-Malo will be:    11 km from Dinard,     15 km from Cancale 
,     71 km from Rennes