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To know before you go in Binic !
Located on the Coast Goëlo in the Côtes d'Armor, City Binic is an invitation to healing the body and mind.

Binic is a coastal city that seduces with its marina and its typical Breton side.

Discover the charm of Brittany during a stay in Binic!

Beaches and Marina

During your holidays in Binic stroll through the city and discover its charming marina. Stop at one of the restaurants that line the harbor and enjoy-y delicious seafood!

If you enjoy relaxing or if you fancy a swim, visit one of the three sandy beaches Binic: Blanche (the largest and closest to the center), the Avant-Port (lined with rocks) and Corps de Garde (more wild).

Cultural Events

Binic also wants cultural city, with the organization of events. Discover eg Stopovers Festival, whose main theme is literature, which takes place every year in March.

The Cod Festival, which takes place in May, is also an event to discover with many activities and the opportunity to admire the old rigs.

Place for hiking

Binic, and more generally Goëlo Coast, is the ideal place for a hike on foot! Browse the footpath, take the GR 34, and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the coast torn and shaped by the sea

To learn more about Binic and its surroundings, visit the website of the Tourist Office.


Tourist Office :

2 Quai de Courcy - 22520 BINIC

Telephone : 02 96 73 39 90

Town Hall :

2 Quai de Courcy - 22520 BINIC

Telephone : 02 96 73 39 90

Cultural Room :

Av. du Gal de Gaulle - 22520 BINIC

Telephone : 02 96 73 66 55

Museum Vasserot Cueff :

Rue des Falaises - 22520 BINIC

Telephone : 02 96 73 64 15

Notre-Dame-des-Noës School :

4, rue des Fontaines - 22520 BINIC

Telephone : 02 96 73 70 14

Goëlys Swimming Pool :

Rue Pierre de Coubertin- 22520 BINIC

Telephone : 02 96 69 20 10