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To know before you go in Saumur !

Discover Saumur and its charms! Discover its magnificent castle, its famous riding school "Le Cadre Black" and of course its famous wines in the world.

History ...

The city that was attached to the county of Anjou finally happening in 1203 in the royal heart. The city will then be placed in the middle of many historical facts such as the Hundred Years War but also of the religious wars that will cause major fortifications, the city serves as a forward base for the royal troops. The city will build beautiful castles and a marked pregnant imposing towers still visible today. The masterpiece of this city is the ducal castle, the impressive fourteenth century princely palace built by Louis I Duke of Anjou and whose silhouette overlooks the city. Saumur also called "second Geneva" welcomes a Protestant school during the military government of Philippe Duplessis-Mornay, who was the advisor of Henry IV. Catholic reform it will lead to many changes such as the installation of numerous associations that engage in the development of many monuments such as convents and chapels. The Chapel of Our Lady of Ardilliers, is itself covered with a grand dome. Saumur has a rich and varied architecture which the visitor is obliged to borrow the doors. More than sixty buildings are listed as historic monuments that make up the city.

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the hooves of horses ridden by the School of Cavalry echo in the city while on platforms different goods and Sailors contribute to the rise of the river trade. The city grows and urban projects are launched and mark an impressive and indelible mark on the city.


The oldest monument of Saumur built in the first half of the twelfth century in Romanesque style, offers visitors an unforgettable visit and dive into the world of yesteryear.



The strong ball game appears in the eighteenth century but its origin remains cloudy. These are sailors who have started this game playing the ball in their boat, it is this assumption that was repeated and was the most widespread. The real ball hard, as we know it today, is a native of Anjou. This game very practiced in Anjou is practiced with a wooden ball cormier or mid-plate resin, rimmed iron, with a "low" side to side "strong", hence its name . The goal and the ball stops closest to the master, a kind of jack. Rated "Loire Heritage Game" by the Ministry of Culture, is the only sport in the world to play in slippers! Do not wait, book your hotel in Saumur!