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To know before you go in Vannes !

Vannes, the capital of the Morbihan department, is undoubtedly a major historical landmark.  Throughout history, it has played an important role and thus has been gradually shaped by the passage of time.  

It is now known as a medieval city, due to its fortifications, built in the fifth century by the Romans, which surround the city’s historic centre.  

You can therefore visit many historical monuments, such as the city walls, Hermine Castle and Saint-Pierre de Vannes Cathedral Basili

Météo Vannes

A historic port city 

Take time to stop and read the many historical interpretation panels planted throughout the city and look out for surprises.

Vannes is also a port city: activities are planned throughout the season on the new esplanade located next to the por

Gulf of Morbihan

You cannot visit Vannes without discovering the wonders of the Gulf of Morbihan. This is a magical place where sea, land and sky blend to form changing and unusual landscapes.  You will discover a wide variety of landscapes and natural environments as you walk from the “Pointe de Kerpenhir” to the “Pointe Penhap” on the “Ile aux Moines” or to the Vincin River in Vannes.  You will be amazed by the constantly changing scenery, with the ebb and flow of the tides and the weather. 

The Gulf covers thousands of hectares which are home to nearly 150,000 water birds. Can you recognize them all? 

A dynamic city

Vannes also means sporting activities, maritime regattas, a football club, and a rugby club...  To find out more about Vannes and the Gulf of Morbihan, please visit the official website of the Tourist.


Guests staying at the Brit Hotel in Vannes will be:

30 Km from the BRIT HOTEL Le Bran'hoc in Auray
,  33 Km from the BRIT HOTEL La croix blanche in Saint Anne d'Auray
, 58 Km from the BRIT HOTEL Le Ker Noyal in  Quiberon
, 77 Km from the BRIT HOTEL Saint-Nazaire Centre Gare
, 100 Km from the BRIT HOTEL Les Alizés in  Pornic
, 84 Km from the BRIT HOTEL L'Atlantel in Vigneux de Bretagne


Tourist Office :

Maison du tourisme CP 23 921 - 56039 VANNES CEDEX

Telephone : 02 97 47 24 34

Town Hall :

7 rue Joseph Le Brix - 56000 VANNES

Telephone : 02 97 01 60 00

Hospital :

20 bd Gal Guillaudot - 56000 VANNES

Telephone : 02 97 01 41 41

Library :

Rue Michel de Montagine - 56000 VANNES

Telephone : 02 97 63 39 30

Musée des Beaux-Arts :

9, place Saint-Pierre - 56000 VANNES

Telephone : 02 97 01 63 00